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Power Words For Emotional Selling
by Karl Stepp

Here is a handy list of power words to help you with creating ad copy. People on the internet, for the most part, will buy from you first based on emotion.
Certain words can and do make individuals act. Mix and match these proven words below to create your ad copy and then measure the results and adjust the wording as necessary. Try to sum up the benefits and value of your product or service.

It is nice to have alot of cool features, but buyers want to know exactly how your product will help them. Keep refining and restating and adjusting and measuring your ads until you come up with the right message. Expect it to take several tries to succeed. You have to promote the right message to get the traffic. Without traffic, it is difficult to sell online.

In a simple business web model, you want to have a decent product, strong support, and a professional internet presence. This in itself will not persuade the visitor to purchase.

By using the correct words, you can help bridge the communication gap by convincing the buyer to consider your product first.

The whole idea in headline copywriting is to get the reader to act. Write the headline to generate interest and target traffic, not to sell.

With about a billion websites to compete with, the titles and descriptions you use are more important than ever. By using benefit laden power words, your message will draw the click over others. Offer something remarkable and be sure you deliver exactly what you promise when they arrive. This will create a positive impression instantly with your visitor.

After you make the first sale, it is recommended to follow up promply to ensure complete satisfaction. It is important to create preference for your products and to constantly build on it.

The second sale decision will still be based on emotion, but not as strongly. They now have an experience with you to base your offer on. When the second sale is made then you are on your way.

By delivering and exceeding what the customer expects, you will be rewarded with the coveted "Customer For Life".

Article by Karl Stepp
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186 Power Words For Selling

free sale new
professional guaranteed special
tested improved immediately
limited simplistic powerful
big popular exclusive
valuable how to endorsed
unlimited discount fundamentals
under priced suddenly perspective
launching skill reduced
better shrewd enormous
spotlight useful survival
largest colossal now
unlock fortune authentic
announcing huge gift
introducing practical focus
wanted absolutely lowest
interesting challenge lifetime
highest expert advice
the truth about compare colorful
affordable ultimate willpower
attractive easily approved
competitive full mammoth
innovative it's here just arrived
sure fire soar beautiful
crammed growth promising
astonishing imagination greatest
high tech latest important
urgent amazing exciting
portfolio revealing sensational
excellent remarkable obsession
surging revisited unique
bargain hurry daring
pioneering destiny unsurpassed
genuine informative mainstream
complete last chance exploit
quality gigantic love
lavishly reliable terrific
breakthrough emerging profitable
sampler noted luxury
unconditional timely bonanza
security refundable quickly
revolutionary personalized miracle
magic proven reward
weird surprise delighted
confidential sizable wonderful
delivered secrets scarce
alert famous strong
unusual outstanding energy
instructive liberal rare
edge superior unparalleled
fascinating compromise odd
bottom line zinger simplified
tremendous helpful special offer
technology selected sturdy
wealth successful opportunities
monumental startling quick
last minute easy direct
simple strange value
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